High-Quality Shredder Replacement Wear Parts Helping to Save the Environment

The IQS Directory defines metal shredders as “industrial shredders that are designed to process scrap or waste metal. Because of the high volume of scrap and waste metal produced by the metalworking industry and other industrial, commercial and consumer sources, an effective method of processing the scrap in advance of reuse is necessary.”

Because they can shred strong iron and steel in addition to lightweight metal like aluminum, such shredders mulcherparts are doing a major part in saving the environment. With the National Transportation and Safety Board estimating that there are over 12 billion automobiles in use in the United States, all of which will eventually end up being scrapped, these shredders have their work cut out for them. Armed with top-quality shredder wear replacement parts, however, they can keep doing their substantial part in helping to save the planet.

And the good news for the environment is that the shredder technology continues to get better and better. According to a recent “Journal Star” report, a new “$12 million behemoth metal shredder can chew up a car in two seconds.” The shredder, which is located at a scrap metal facility near the Illinois River, can only be described as a monster. “Stretching about 300 feet in length, it stands about five stories tall.” It also “devours automobiles, refrigerators, lawn mowers, washing machines, semi tractors and an array of discarded consumer items with annihilating quickness – up to 200 tons of scrap an hour. A car is shredded in two seconds. One hundred twenty-five cars can vanish in an hour. What remains are pieces about the size of a man’s fist.”

With capabilities like that, shredder replacement wear parts are going to be needed for this monstrosity of a machine sooner or later. And when that day arrives, this record-setting shredder, and others of its ilk, can turn to a provider of shredder replacement wear parts to ensure it maintains its output.

What types of shredder replacement wear parts might it and others like it require? Hammer pins, tie rods, cutter bars, outer top breaker bars, side liners and manganese separator drums are all possibilities as it works its shredding magic day in and day out. And to keep performing that magic they’ll want shredder replacement wear parts that are of the highest quality available on the market.

Making sure their worn-out parts are replaced by only the best will guarantee not only a longer service life for these shredders but also the lowest cost-per-ton on the market. What are the qualities of shredder replacement wear parts that can make these benefits a reality?

Straightened and stress-relieved
Special high alloy steel
Heat treatment with a proprietary process that gives uniform penetration from surface to core
Uniform core hardness that almost equals surface hardness, doubling that of other shredder replacement wear parts, providing maximum strength to resist flexing and impact shock that can cause premature wear, and minimizing fatigue
High surface hardness, improving under-the-hammer wear for lasting service
Engineered in three piece weldments, providing a superior wear cutter bar of high strength, alloy plate and exceeding conventional one-piece for outstanding durability and performance
Fabricated to meet your exact specifications

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