Drink Water to Lose Weight – How to Make Water Work For You

Water is essential for our continued health and survival. One can survive a month without food but he cannot survive more than a week without water. If we are out of water for more than a week then we die of dehydration. Water is an essential part of every diet. Also it helps in weight losing programs. It helps the dieter to shift his excess weight in a variety of ways. These ways are described below in detailed fashion.kanagawasuido

The liver detoxifies our body by removing all the harmful toxins. Toxins keep on accumulating in our body through the food you consume. Alcohol, caffeine, nicotine all contain a large amount of toxins. The liver also converts the fat stored in the body into energy.This provide the necessary energy for the various bio-chemical reactions that are happening in our body every single second.

So the liver convert stored fats into energy required for various body processes. The rate of conversion is directly proportional to the quantity of water stored in the body. So water acts as a fuel for liver.

Also we need to spend energy to raise the temperature of water we drank to sufficient a level which is generally equal to your own body’s temperature. So the body’s metabolism rate goes up and it converts more fats into energy to do so. Hence drinking lots of water is a very good option for those who want to lose fats.

Lastly, water is a very good appetite suppressant. It means it stop our urges to overeat. As food also contains water most of time our brain confuses thirst with hunger. Hence it’s a very good idea to drink lots of water.

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