Dog Boots – Choosing the Right Size Dog Shoe

Measuring your dog’s feet for boots is very easy and simple. I know what some of you may be thinking, dog boots? Dogs don’t need boots and they don’t need their paws covered up. However, think about this, when they’re walking on the ice and snow during winter, their feet get cold very easily. They lose a lot of heat through their feet, and when they’re walking on the rock salt and de-icing chemicals, it can be very painful for them. Their paws can become dry, cracked and bleeding and the de-icing chemical and get into the cut along with other bacteria and cause an infection or other problems. You don’t want a vet visit just because you didn’t protect their feet with some canine shoes. Also, the de-icing chemicals can be very toxic to your little dog, so it’s your responsibility to do everything necessary to protect their little feet.

Measuring your dogs for these little boots is very simple; all you need is a good measuring tape or ruler. Take your dog’s paw and start the measuring tape or ruler right underneath the nails at one end of the paw and measure down indogshoes the base of the paw. If, for example, your dog’s foot is 1 ½ inches long, he would be a size XS shoe according to most bootie sizing charts. Remember not to include the toenails unless they are exceptionally long, and if they’re really long you should trim them. That’s all you need to do to get the right size of shoes for your dog.

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